By now, you probably know about the ICOs and ICOs are what they sound like.

ICOs allow anyone to create and raise money for their company and have it used to fund a variety of projects.

The ICOs have seen their popularity skyrocket recently, with many businesses receiving tokens that they then sell for real money.

This has allowed for a lot of projects to be created and raised on the platform, with some of these companies gaining substantial traction.

However, if you’re new to crypto-currencies, you may not be aware of some of the pitfalls of investing in ICOs.

ICO’s are a new way to invest in startups and it’s a new type of funding, but the dangers you’ll run into can’t be overstated.

If you want to be prepared for the pitfalls, we’ve put together a list of the most important things you should know about ICOs so you can make the best investment decisions.


ICO Crowdfunding is a new form of funding ICOs can be used to raise funds in a number of different ways.

You can either create an ICO and use the funds to pay for your own product, or you can use your funds to create a token.

ICO token investors can use these tokens to pay their way through development and build out their company.

ICO tokens can be traded on the secondary market, meaning you can trade your tokens for fiat currency.

You could also sell them for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or sell them in a market for profit.

There are a few different types of ICOs, some of which are used to create tokens and others for business ventures.

Some ICOs aim to build out a business or product, while others are more focused on raising money for a specific cause.

In the end, ICOs all come down to a question of who will get to control your money, and who will decide what the best use of your money is.

Here’s what you need to know about investing in a crypto-fundraising project.


ICO Tokens have no intrinsic value.

They can’t move the price of a cryptocurrency, and you can’t use them to make investments in your own company.

Some companies will offer a certain token as an incentive for people to join their team, and others will offer tokens for other purposes.

ICO is a different form of crowdfunding that can be similar to a traditional venture capital firm.

Unlike traditional VCs, there is no guarantee of an IPO, so investors can be exposed to volatility in the markets, and this could potentially cause a loss for investors.

This can be a good thing in that it means investors don’t have to worry about whether they’ll get their money back or not.

But it also means that if you invest in an ICO, you’re in for a tough ride.

Investors who invest in a successful ICO will typically see their tokens rise over time.

That means the value of their tokens will rise exponentially as more investors buy them, and the value will keep going up.

Theoretically, you could make a profit if your company was to go public or if your ICO became wildly successful, but in practice, these things rarely happen.

You might even lose money if you lose your token.

So be careful what you invest into, because the crypto-market may not go as smoothly as you expect.


ICO ICOs aren’t really decentralized.

There is no central authority to oversee the success of your ICO, and there is nothing that you can do to make sure your tokens won’t be stolen.

This makes ICOs a risky investment, but if you understand the risks involved, you’ll have a much easier time making the right decision.

If someone takes your token, they’ll be able to steal your money.


ICO Projects can take longer to be launched than traditional VC’s.

A project can take anywhere from two to five years to get off the ground.

You’ll need to have a solid team and a solid business plan to get a project off the road, but it’s possible to get started with a project in just a few months.

This could be because you have a company that has the technical know-how to successfully crowdfund, or your company has already secured a significant amount of funding.

However if you want your project to take off quickly, you need a team that is capable of producing great products.


ICO projects can be risky.

While you may be confident in the security of your investments, if the project does go public, you might not be so sure.

In this case, it can take a few more months to get your project off of the ground, and it could be difficult to sell your tokens once they’re gone.

This means you may have to go back to the drawing board before you can invest again.

This is why ICOs require a business plan.

ICO investors need to plan ahead and put their money where their mouth is. 6.

ICO Platforms are not regulated by any government.

Some countries, like Canada, regulate ICO

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