The NHL has taken a step in the right direction with the introduction of a new hockey protective equipment.

The NHLPA is pleased to announce that, starting today, players will no longer be required to wear helmets, pads, gloves or protective gear while playing hockey.

The change in the league’s standards and equipment requirements is a first step in what will eventually be a much more uniform approach to equipment usage in the future.

The new policy also provides for a 30-day grace period for any equipment failure, which means players will still have a chance to correct their gear once they return to game action.

“As we all know, our goal in hockey is to get the players back out on the ice and playing hockey,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said.

“In today’s world, when our game is so important, it’s important that we keep our players safe and on the game.”

Hockey equipment requirements are different than in the NBA, for example, which requires players to wear protective equipment that is a clear shade of blue or a dark blue or green jersey with no visor.

“It’s a different approach, and we’re excited about that,” Daly said of the NHL’s new equipment standards.

We’re also going to make sure that our players are getting as much of that training, as much time in the gym as they can get. “

So we’re going to be moving in the direction of making sure that we’ve got the equipment that protects our players.

We’re also going to make sure that our players are getting as much of that training, as much time in the gym as they can get.

That’s going to help us with our training and our conditioning program.

We want to be a great team, but we also want to keep our team competitive and play well.”

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