Heavy equipment operator David McVicar says his employees are working too hard with him because he’s “too busy”.

“You have to take care of people,” he said.

“But the more you do that, the more money you get.

So I’m not too happy about it.”

McVicary is one of many outdoor play equipment operators in Australia who say they’ve been forced to make sacrifices in order to keep their businesses afloat.

“We have been hit by a bit of a recession,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Q&A program.

“I’ve been out here for over 30 years and it’s not something that we’ve ever really seen before.”

He says the downturn has impacted his staff’s productivity.

“The people who are working hard, they’ve got a lot of things they’re going to get done, but they don’t really get paid enough,” he explained.

“They’ve been left to fend for themselves.”

So we’ve been doing things like we’re trying to go back to school to do some training and then, when we can get our kids to school, then we’ve got to get back to the office.

“But while McVillars family business has struggled, the owners hope they’ll be able to keep operating.”

There’s so many things we’re doing at the moment, and I think it’s the perfect time for us to do it,” he says.”

Hopefully we’ll be back to business as usual in about two years’ time.


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