If you’re interested in getting the best of Canada’s TV offerings, then you need to get a little more adventurous.

That’s because the competition is so good, you can expect a good return on investment, according to the best-in in Canada survey.

The survey, commissioned by Rogers Communications, also found that Rogers, Bell, SaskTel, Telus and SaskTel Next offer the best prices for cable TV, and also the best selection of service.

It also found Rogers and Bell are among the few major providers that offer a choice of video services, and are well positioned to compete in the coming years with other providers.

The study is a follow-up to a similar one that took place in 2012, which found that Bell and Rogers were among the top providers in Canada, while Bell and Telus were the most expensive.

Rogers and Telos, however, did not meet the criteria of the 2012 study.

The 2012 survey, which was done on behalf of Bell and Bell Next, showed Bell, Bell Next and Telu were among those that offered the best price and service.

That survey also found Bell was the best value provider in the country, with prices ranging from $22 to $42.95 per month.

The new study, however is not aimed at trying to compare the best deals on cable and satellite services.

Rather, it is aimed at assessing the competitive landscape in Canada.

It found that while most of the providers offer competitive pricing, it was still possible to compare prices for different packages depending on the provider and where you live.

For example, in the GTA, the cheapest price you could get from Rogers was $17.50 per month, but if you live in Saskatoon, you would have to pay $36.50 a month.

“There is a difference in the cost between those two areas, and that is the main factor that determines whether or not a consumer is willing to spend the extra money,” said Mark Williams, president and CEO of the CRTC.

The CRTC is the federal regulator that regulates the distribution of TV services.

It’s not the only regulator that has studied the market for cable and wireless services.

The Competition Bureau, the regulator that sets TV prices, has also studied the issue, and released a report last year recommending that the CRTS consider price differences.

That report noted that Rogers and Shaw offer the cheapest prices, while Videotron, Bell and Shaw have lower prices.

It is also important to remember that in Canada the two major providers are in different parts of the country.

Rogers is located in Toronto, and Bell is located at the northwest corner of the city.

While Rogers and BCE have the most subscribers, Bell has a far smaller market share than Rogers, said Williams.

It makes sense, then, that Bell has the best pricing, but it doesn’t mean Bell offers the best service.

“The reason for that is they are in two different geographic areas, they are a smaller market, and their service offerings are very similar,” Williams said.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best in the market.”

Rogers offers the cheapest rate for TV, but Bell offers better rates for broadband, cable, mobile and VoIP.

The company offers a wide range of channels for video service, including Netflix, HBO, CBC, ESPN and the Disney Channel.

Bell offers its own cable network, Bell Media, which provides TV, radio and online video services.

In the case of Netflix, Bell offers a video service that is only available on the Bell Media channel, but that doesn’t include the Netflix service on Rogers.

Bell Media also offers a cable service that has a higher price, but Rogers doesn’t have a separate cable service.

Bell’s Videotrol service is also cheaper than Rogers’ Dish Network.

However, Rogers has a bigger video library and has more customers than Bell.

“Bell doesn’t offer a lot of high-end video content,” Williams told The Canadian Press.

“Their content is focused on entertainment, they have a lot in the digital video game business.

That is where their audience is.

Bell also has a lot more local content, and they have been trying to reach those audience with some of their local programming.”

In terms of the selection of programming, Rogers offers a variety of channels in addition to a lot that is exclusive to the company.

For the most part, the Rogers service is available in the Rogers network, but you can also get the Rogers video service on the Rogers Media channel.

Rogers also has local content on the TV channel, and its local content is available on Bell Media as well.

In addition, Bell also offers its local services in other channels, including CBC, CBC Radio and CTV.

The most popular content on Bell is sports, which is the most popular sport on Rogers’ network.

The Sportsnet app, which allows viewers to see live video of their favorite sports teams and athletes, is

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