The United States is the world’s largest consumer of screen printing.

According to a recent report by Gartner, it is now the world leader in this sector.

While the U.S. dominates the market, India and China have emerged as leaders in this segment.

Screen printing is becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

According the Gartners report, worldwide, a quarter of all devices sold on the market in 2018 were screen printers, which represent about 7 percent of the total market.

India, by contrast, has about 7.5 percent of devices sold in this market, while China has around 5.8 percent of all screen printing devices.

India is also home to the world leading mobile phone market, which accounts for roughly two-thirds of all screens in the country.

China, on the other hand, has a smaller market, but it has made inroads in this space.

China has been increasing its use of screen printers and is poised to overtake the United States as the largest screen printing market by 2020.

China is now producing over two-third of all smartphones worldwide, with a share of more than a third.

However, India has overtaken China as the number one screen printing country in terms of the number of screens per capita.

India and the United Kingdom also both have very large screen printing markets.

However for the most part, India does not produce as many screens per person as the United State.

India’s screen printing revenue grew by over 7 percent in the last fiscal year, while the United Stated’s revenue grew only by around 5 percent.

While India’s share of screenprinting revenue is small compared to the United states, the country is the second largest screen printer market, behind only China.

India also leads the world in the number and type of screens produced per capita, with nearly two-fifths of all mobile phones sold in the nation being screens.

In 2018, India produced more than one million screens per day, nearly double the number produced in the United Sates.

However the U,S.

is still ahead of India in this category.

While China dominates the world market in this industry, the U.,S.

has the edge in terms.

India produced over two million screens in 2018, while just under half of all U. S. screens are screens.

The U.K. and France, on a per capita basis, produced over half of the screens sold in 2018.

These countries are not far behind India, with more than double the per capita screen production as India.

The number of screen prints per capita in the U S. is also lower than India’s per capita output.

For the U States, India is ahead in terms in terms the number, type, and type combination of screens, but behind the U U. K. and the French in terms a total of screens.

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