In a statement released this afternoon, the Italian Football Federation said the team’s “professional values and values as a team” are “not only at stake in the FIFA World Cup but also in the future of the Italian football nation”.

It said the “adherence to ethical principles is fundamental for the development of our football programme and, as such, we believe the club’s commitment to ethics is fundamental”.

“It’s a fact that there is an urgent need for professional values to be preserved in football, not only because of the fact that the FIFA Cup is our last chance to win a World Cup, but also because it is the only time in the history of the game when the game has gone through a major crisis,” it added.

The statement was read out in English and Italian.

The news was first reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

It said that on Sunday morning, the FA had “not yet received an official request” for the players to remain at the training base until Tuesday.

The federation added that it was “disappointed” by the player’s actions.

“It is obvious that the team has been under pressure to do this, but this is a very regrettable act,” the statement read.

It also called for an investigation into the actions of the players.

“If, after the disciplinary process, the disciplinary committee has decided to accept that the actions taken are unacceptable, then we would welcome the opportunity to conduct the necessary investigation,” it said.

The player’s lawyer said that his client was “deeply shocked” by what he had done and was “disturbed” by his actions.

The Italian Football Association said that the player would not be able to participate in the game, according to Sky Sport Italia.

“He is suspended until further notice, the suspension is permanent, he has to go on the training ground and work as a professional,” the official statement read, adding that the “footballing world has suffered” the actions.

In a video posted on Twitter, the player said he was “sick and tired of being used and humiliated by the world”, adding that “the only thing that matters is that the FA and FIFA do the right thing and protect the ethical values of our game”.

“The game should never be a place of abuse and disrespect,” he said.

“We don’t have to be treated as if we’re objects.”

In a separate incident, Juventus striker Luca Toni also posted a video to Instagram on Monday saying that he had decided to stay at the stadium until the end of the tournament.

“I am sick of the media,” he wrote.

“The FA and Fifa have to do something.

They can’t use us as objects.

We have to decide what we want to do.”

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