The owner of a New York bar is apologizing after an employee posted a photo on Facebook of her and her husband with a banner that read “I want a bar like this.”

The photo shows an old-style bar in New York City, where a bar is usually open for two hours a day.

But in January, a photo of the couple posted on social media showed up with a “bar like this” banner.

“I am so sorry for the misunderstanding,” the bar’s owner, Jessica Ziegler, wrote on Facebook.

“It was not my intention, and it was not meant to be disrespectful.

This is not how our company operates.”

Ziegler and her boyfriend, John, said they noticed a photo that showed their old-fashioned bar and were horrified to learn it was being used for marketing.

“We were really upset and shocked,” Ziegl said.

“It was a terrible thing to see,” she said.

“And now I’m so sorry.”

The couple is working to remove the banner and replace it with a photo showing them with their bar in a newer version of the bar, which Ziegli said they’re calling a “new bar.”

“We will do everything in our power to get that banner removed from our Facebook page,” she wrote.

“Our bar is a reflection of our values and the way we work, and we’re trying to do that for everyone,” Zegler added.

“That’s what our bar is about: helping people to learn how to be successful in this business.”

Bar owner apologizes to customer after photo of husband with banner posted on FacebookThe couple said the photo of their bar is not a direct reference to the “bar” in the banner, which is now replaced with a picture of a newer bar.

The couple also said they plan to change the banner to be more clear that they have a “second bar” where customers can “see the difference” in service.

“The new bar is in the same building as our old bar and we want to give our customers a second bar,” they said.

Ziegl and her fiancee also plan to have the old banner removed and replace with a new banner with their name on it.

They said they want their customers to know the bar is open for business and they will be transparent about the change in service, but will not be able to provide information about how much they charge or how long the change takes.

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