New Zealand’s Reynolds farm was built on the ashes of a coal mine, and now the facility has been re-imagined as an environmentally-friendly, food-friendly factory.

The new facility, located in the town of Roskilde, will employ 1,000 people and has been built on reclaimed land that had previously been used to grow the company’s farm.

Reynolds has invested more than $1 billion of refurbishment work on the farm since the mine closed in 2008.

The company is currently operating the facility as a research and development facility, which will produce some of its own food.

In 2020, the facility will be re-purposed to produce products from its existing plant in New Zealand, with the goal of producing up to 500,000 tonnes of fresh food each year.

“We’re making significant investments to ensure we can continue to grow and support the production of food at our Roskildrei farm,” said Reynolds boss Tim Whelan.

“With the re-opening of our Roskyres farm we’re moving to a new direction and I’m sure that will make a huge difference to the quality of our food for our customers.”

Read more about Reynolds factory and the reopening of the farm.

New Zealanders are expected to receive the first batch of food from the reworked facility by mid-2018.

In a press release, Reynolds said it was the first step in re-building its business and its workforce.

“Our re-development of the Roskain farm is a testament to the strong work ethic and commitment of our team, who have taken the necessary steps to ensure the farm can become a great example of what the industry can achieve,” the company said.

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