More than 60% of U.S. households use at least one refrigeration unit at home, according to a new study.

And the number of new appliances with refrigeration units on the market is on the rise.

So what can you do to save cash?

Here are some tips for buying new refrigerators.

Read moreThe study by Nielsen said that more than $6.3 billion was spent on refrigeration products in 2016, which is an increase of 4% from 2015.

That’s a lot of money, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the more than 10 billion dollars spent on the heating and cooling industries in the same year.

To help make up for the decrease in refrigeration spending, the study found that the cost of new refrigeration equipment fell in all major categories from 2016 to 2017.

The cheapest of these was water-heating systems, which dropped by $4, or $2.50 per month.

For example, the average cost of a water-based, 12-month-old 12-gallon water heater in 2016 was $6,000.

But this year the average price dropped to $2,200, or about $2 per month less.

But what about the other appliances?

Most new refrigerator systems have been designed to work in a confined space.

For this reason, it’s difficult to use one in a garage.

But, there are some appliances that work better in a space that’s not enclosed.

The best-selling type of refrigerator is a refrigerator that comes with a door, a window, and an extension.

These refrigerators can be used in a kitchen, office, or anywhere else that has a kitchen.

The new models are called “conventional” refrigerators, and are available for purchase online and in stores.

The cheapest model is the 10-year-old “traditional” model.

These are available in most home improvement stores and in online retail stores.

The priciest model is a new model called the 10,000-watt model.

This model is also available in a number of home improvement and retail stores and is typically the most expensive model.

The 10-Watt model is generally available in the market for $14,000 to $16,000 and has a price tag of $20,000-$26,000, according the National Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

These models have a low capacity of less than one gallon, but are capable of working in a larger space.

The “10,000 Watt” model is available for $28,000 ($23,000 with a two-year warranty), and has the capacity of one gallon.

It has a low power rating of 6,800 watts and a high temperature rating of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s also a much bigger appliance than the “traditional model.”

It costs $30,000 for a 12-year model.

If you are looking to save on a new refrigerator, it might be worth taking the plunge to buy a “premium” model that has an advanced cooling system that can handle higher temperatures.

This means that the price tag for the “premier” model will be lower, but the unit is also more expensive, according To the extent that you’re buying a brand new model, you might want to consider the price of the brand-new model when considering its performance in the space you’re looking to use it.

For more information on refrigerators and other appliances, check out the National Restaurant Association’s home heating and air conditioning guide, which includes more information.

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