This article appeared on the website of the Northwest Horticulture Society, an organization dedicated to preserving Northwest plants and the natural habitats that support them.

It includes information on various tools, including some you may not know about.

What is a canoe?

What is a fishing net?

A bucket, a line, a fishing line, some sort of tackle, or a pole?

A fishing line is an object with a handle or other device used to hold or attach something.

A fishing pole is a pole that extends horizontally in the water, attached to a hook or line.

A bucket is a water container or basket that contains a number of items such as water, fish, or bait.

A fishing net is an item that can be used to catch fish, such as a net made of nylon or silk, that is weighted with bait.

A boat anchor is a piece of fishing line that is attached to the hull of a boat.

A pole is the part of a fishing rod that extends upward.

A hook is a slender stick that attaches to a string.

A line is a long piece of wood that is sometimes tied or fastened together to form a rod.

A net is a small tube that has two ends, one of which is suspended above the water to catch small fish or other prey.

A tackle is a rigid piece of string, sometimes made of hemp, that holds something in place.

A pole is made of a rope that is often longer than the length of the hook, which allows it to be used as a fishing pole.

A fish is a creature that is small, has a skin that is white, or has a long tail.

An average fish weighs between 50 and 100 pounds, but it is often smaller.

A large fish can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

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