The Franklin Police Department said it had purchased soccer training gear for use in the Franklin High School football program.

The equipment includes football helmets, gloves, boots, shin guards, and a variety of other protective equipment for football players.

The Franklin County School District had also purchased soccer equipment, and it is expected to have equipment available by the end of the year.

Franklin Superintendent of Schools John Sosnik announced Wednesday that the Franklin Police department would use its new equipment to help train its football players for the Franklin Football Club, the Franklin County Football Association, and other community events.

“As we have emphasized before, the police department is very excited about our partnership with the Franklin School District and will use the equipment for community events,” Sosniak said in a news release.

“The equipment will allow us to better prepare our players and the Franklin community for the new season.”

The Franklin Athletic Association has also announced that it will purchase soccer training helmets and shin guards.

“While we are not yet ready to begin using the equipment, we are very excited to get our first step toward making the program safer and more effective,” said Michael H. Kucher, president and CEO of the Franklin Athletic Alliance.

“This equipment will enhance our efforts to increase the safety of our players, the community, and our state.

It will be used in conjunction with our training, as we have done throughout the season.”

Kucker said the equipment will be available at various sporting events, including the Franklin Junior College football championship game on Oct. 31.

“It’s going to be a real boost,” Kuchers said.

“We’re very excited.

We’re looking forward to it.

We’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

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